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1st 2015 Assembly on finances and 2015 Events

The first 2015 IAOA Assembly is being held in April in order to discuss the 2014 Financial Statement and the 2015 Budget. Moreover, a ballot during April 09-15 is part of the Assembly and is legally required in order to approve the 2014 Financial Statement. Details can be found on the ballot wiki page and members find the corresponding announcement by the President via the membership mailing list [iaoa-member].

Accordingly, these days all IAOA members are addressed and kindly invited to review and discuss the documents. In the ballot we need to meet the quorum of 50%+1 of the membership. If you are an IAOA member: please log in to the Member's Area, proceed via Utilities to the personal voting page and please cast your vote!

The Ontology Summit 2015 on the theme "Internet of Things: Toward Smart Networked Systems and Societies" culminates in the Summit Symposium on April 13-14 in Arlington, Virginia, USA. As in previous editions, a communique is developed during the Summit and will be adopted at its Symposium.

Further IAOA co-organized events in 2015:
IAOA Supported Events in 2015:
  • ICBO - International Conference on Biomedical Ontology
    in Lisbon, Portugal, July 27-30.
  • JOWO - Joint Ontology Workshops at the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI) in Buenos Aires, Argentina, July 25-31, where Episode 1: The Argentine Winter of Ontology comprises 
    • WoMO - Workshop on Modular Ontologies
    • FOfAI - Formal Ontologies for Artificial Intelligence
    • Ontologies and logic programming for query answering
    • Workshop on Belief Change and Non Monotonic Reasoning in Ontologies and Databases
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