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Workshop "Philosophy & Engineering - Formal knowledge facing history, technology and materiality"

Workshop "Philosophy & Engineering. Formal knowledge facing history, technology and materiality." (Atelier "Philosophie & Ingénierie. Le formel face à l’histoire, la technologie et la matérialité.")

Workshop at IC 2011 - 22nd French national conference on Knowledge Engineering (22èmes Journées francophones d’Ingénierie des Connaissances)

Chair: Alexandre Monnin (alexandre DOT monnin AT DOT Monnin AT>)
Location and date: Chambéry (France), May 16-17, 2011
Hosted by the AFIA joint Conferences in Artificial Intelligence.

Knowledge engineering has a tradition of reusing concepts belonging to the philosophical tradition. In a sense, one could go as far as to say that it is a "continuation of philosophy through other means and methods". As a consequence, the objects it inherits undergo many deep transformations. What is conversely at stake for philosophy is to understand how its concepts are modified in a context where technology is paramount. The Web exemplifies this trend and yet adds another layer of complexity, as betokens the expression "philosophical engineers" forged by Tim Berners-Lee himself to describe the people who created the Web and characterize their work. This workshop would like to explore the links between philosophy and engineering both from a theoretical and practical point of view and reconsider the activity of practicing philosophy at the present time.

IAOA champions: Alexandre Monnin (Organizer) + Laure Vieu (EC)
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