Registration Information for JOWO 2017

Registration for JOWO includes complete catering for 3 days, including coffee breaks, lunches, and welcome aperitivo, and access to the social events, except for the conference dinner. In order to participate in the latter, tickets need to be purchased separately (35 Euros). Note that registration at JOWO is on a "flat-rate basis", which means that attending one workshop implies access to all other events and keynotes. We distinguish between student / non-student, IAOA member / non-member, and early / late.

The fees are as follows (note that IAOA membership can be obtained before registering):


Until Sept. 8
  • IAOA member: 90 €
  • other students: 110 €
From Sept. 9
  • IAOA member: 110 €
  • other students: 130 €


Until Sept. 8
  • IAOA member: 160 €
  • other pros: 190 €
From Sept. 9
  • IAOA member: 190 €
  • other pros: 220 €


JOWO will take place at the Free university of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy. The venue is a beautiful city tucked in between the Italian Dolomites.

The nature around the city is a tourist haven for people interested in hiking in the mountains, mountain climbers, biking along the valley and in winter skiing brings millions of turists to the area.

The city is trilingual between the major languages Italian and German and the minority language Ladino. Due to the large degree of tourism in the city, the majority of the population also speaks English.

Bolzano is also the home of Ötzi the iceman. Found in melting glacier ice in 1991 he is one of the oldest human mummies at roughly 5000 years. Currently he rests at the South Tyrol Museum of Archeology, in downtown Bolzano.
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How to get here

Despite the local airport, the easiest way to get into Bolzano is by train. The train connects either from above, through Austria, or from south through Verona. The closest airports are in Verona and Innsbruck, but also the airports in Milano, Bologna and Venice are possible alternatives that take you into town with around three hours on a train/bus.

Tourism in Bolzano

Please check the local tourist information for more information on what to do:


Bolzano offers a range of different hotels, hostels and accommodations for all price ranges. More info coming.

Local Cuisine

Bolzano offers an interesting mix of German and Italian food. Why not enjoy your Italian pizza with a German beer or your German Schweinehackse with a local red wine (may we suggest Lagrein?)?