IAOA is currently completing its relocation from Italy to Switzerland, which affects membership management. For this reason, links to the forms below are deactivated at this time.
If you wish to join IAOA (newly or anew), please send an email to info@iaoa.org in order to receive further instructions. If you were a member in 2016, an email will be sent to the member's mailing list when we are ready to enroll members for 2017.

To join the IAOA, check first the
Membership Types and Fees and Country Classification - then please fill out the IAOA Registration form.

If you have been a member previously, please access the
IAOA Renewal form.
You will need your previous membership credentials, i.e., login and password.
If you need to reset your password, follow this link:
Password Reset

Please note that if your email is already recorded in the DB, the system will not let you create a new record with the same email. If you want to change your member status, e.g. becoming affiliated with an institution, please edit your personal data accordingly before proceeding to payment.

In case of difficulties, please send a message to treasurer@iaoa.org