The Conferences on Formal Ontology in Information Systems

The 1st International Conference on Formal Ontology in Information Systems, FOIS 1998, was held in Trento, Italy, June 1998, in conjunction with KR-98. FOIS 1998 was sponsored by the Italian National Research Council (CNR).

The proceedings are published here.

Organisation of FOIS 1998

General Chair:
Nicola Guarino

Organisation Chair: Alessandro Artale

Organisation Committee:

Alessandro Artale - Enrico Franconi (ITC-IRST, Trento, Italy)
Nicola Guarino - Claudio Masolo (LADSEB-CNR, Padova, Italy)
Luca Pazzi - Sonia Bergamaschi (Univ. of Modena, Italy)
Geri Steve - Aldo Gangemi (ITBM-CNR, Roma, Italy)
Cristiano Castelfranchi - Rino Falcone (IP-CNR, Roma, Italy)